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Simply Put, Tips for a Successful Garage Sale
By Meighan Meeker

Uncluttered homes are more enjoyable and easier to clean. Additionally, most people use only 20% of their things 80% of the time, which means you could part with nearly 80% of the stuff taking up space in your house. Professional Organizer, Meighan Meeker, has compiled some tips to motivate you to get rid of items cluttering your home and make some money in the process.

In preparation for the garage sale, do not allow yourself to get overwhelmed. Go room by room to gather items that you no longer need. As a general rule, if you have not used it in the past year, get rid of it. Make decisions about what to keep or sell quickly. Sort items in large clear plastic containers or boxes by theme such as: clothing, electronics, books, house wares, toys, etc. Keep in mind that once you get rid of these items you will be able to find the things you truly use more quickly. Do not let the emotional attachment or value of an item stand in your way of selling it. Get rid of multiple items that serve the same function. Consider gently cleaning the items with Lysol wipes or a cleaning rag if needed.

On the day of the sale, group items on tables by theme and price. Display your most expensive items up front. Clothing should be hung on a rack with a mirror handy if possible. Place items that are less desirable, or in need of repair, in a box labeled “Free Stuff.” Generally, items should be priced at 10% - 25% of the original value. Purchase circular colored stickers and assign dollar amounts that are clearly posted on signs indicating the cost per item throughout the sale, for example red = $1, blue = $5, etc. If you do not want to engage in bargaining make clear that your prices are firm on your signs. Otherwise, be prepared for people to negotiate, especially toward the end of the day when you should be more willing to sell remaining stuff for a discounted price. Wear a fanny pack or waist apron with pockets to keep your money, sharpie, tape, extra stickers, and other important items. Go to the bank in advance and make sure you have plenty of change, including $1, $5, and $10 bills. Other helpful items to have on hand include: newspaper to wrap fragile items, shopping bags or boxes for people to carry purchases, electrical cord to test items for sale, and a calculator. Get the kids involved, set up a lemonade and cookie stand to make extra money. The addition of balloons, music, or other festive touches to attract buyers is always helpful.

After the sale, immediately donate any items that do not sell. Remember to ask for an itemized receipt for your taxes. Put the balance of your leftover materials in a clear plastic tote labeled “Garage Sale” and keep until next year.

Meighan Meeker is the owner of Simply Put Organizational Solutions for the Home, LLC. For more information: email, meighanm@aim.com , or call, 303.321.2692.

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Meighan Meeker, Owner
Simply Put Organizational Solutions
for the Home, LLC

Meighan’s professional and life experience includes a BS degree in Marketing from Lehigh University and a proven track record of success working at Fortune 500 companies such as The New York Times, Liz Claiborne, and London Fog. She has nearly ten years experience in home and office organization. 

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