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Customer Testimonials

“I cannot believe what Meighan accomplished, I have my house back. It looks like it did the day I moved in three years ago – it is like a new house. Now that everything is organized I can file things away as soon as I find them rather than collecting piles of stuff all over the house. The kids can enjoy their playroom and toys now that everything is on shelves and easy for them to find. Your ability to organize the Lego collection should be patented – you could make millions of dollars. Before I had a really nice house but I was too embarrassed to have people over because it was such a mess. I cannot wait to have Jack's birthday party here next week and the kids have a clean room to play.”

- Christina B., Denver, Colorado

“Thanks to Meighan we created my very own office and hobby area. I cannot tell you how good it feels to have a place to myself where my husband and children do not have access. It is wonderful to not only have office space but also to store gifts, and work on my scrape books and memorabilia. I never would have thought of converting a small, rarely used closet for such an activity and was amazed at what adding a few shelves could accomplish. Meighan also helped organize the kids toys and games by child and activity which makes it easy for them to entertain themselves especially when they are stuck inside due to bad weather. I no longer need to stop what I am doing to help them find things and they enjoy the responsibility and see the value in putting things away nicely. We no longer loose key pieces to puzzles and games like we used to.”

- Jodi D, West Chester, PA

“Thank you so much for giving me the motivation to tackle my garage. I needed someone to help me face the memories I have been hanging on to all these years. It is certainly easier to let go of things that are taking up space when you have a neutral person telling you it is okay – I felt lighter instantly and it is reassuring to know that many of the things can be donated to people who truly need them.”

- Myra A., Boulder, Colorado

I put off hiring an organizer because I thought that it was something I should be able to do on my own. But I continued to procrastinate and before I knew it my first baby was due and I had a lot to do to get the house in order. Meighan accomplished a lot in a short period of time. She gave us a detailed outline of everything we needed to do. Some of it she helped us with, and some of it we were able to do on our own. The overall cost was negligible in comparison to the return on our investment – a clutter free, organized home.”

- Angela and Trey, Denver, Colorado

“I've always dreamed of having organized closets but knew the task would be totally impossible on my own. Meighan totally restructured my family's (husband, teen age daughter and myself) storage space from soup to nuts. With great humor and patience she organized a spring-cleaning, helping me dispense with items I had not used for years--clothes, unused wedding gifts--and then developed an organizational system tailored to my needs. I can finally not only see what I have but even better, find what I need!”

- Suzanne A., Full Potential Yoga, Hoboken, New Jersey

“Hiring Meighan to help me get organized actually saved me money. I now have a place for important papers that I can find easily and take immediate action on such as bills, professional obligations, and insurance. I no longer spend unnecessary amounts of time looking for things. Everyone on my staff has benefited as well making us all work more efficiently and productively. I was amazed at what she could accomplish without me being involved in the process which gave me the time I needed to devote to my patients.”

- John R., Hudson Chiropractic, Hoboken, New Jersery

“I called Meighan when I just could not stand the clutter any more. I can finally see the top of my stove for the first time in years. She organized my pantry in a way that was both practical and functional. Food no longer gets hidden or goes unused before the expiration date. The things I use most frequently are easy to see and reach. Shelving solutions were installed to maximize the space so that I no longer need to use my stove for storage.”

- Holly R., Hoboken, New Jersey

“I was impressed with the amount of time that was spent during the initial consultation. Meighan asked me a lot of questions that were all incorporated into a detailed proposal outlining an estimated cost to transform my apartment. I am now able to prioritize and focus on one room at a time. I no longer try to do it all at once or feel overwhelmed because I have a plan that is customized and I can accomplish one manageable task at a time.”

- John F., Advance Commercial Movers, New York, New York

“I trust Meighan. She has come up with a lot of good ideas to help us grow our business. Helping us stay organized has helped us stay focused on our priorities and goals. We no longer allow ourselves to be distracted by things that are unimportant. By implementing a few basic organizational tips we now come across a lot more professional and responsive to our clients and their needs. Before finding Meighan we were losing business for being so disorganized. The system Meighan developed keeps us on top of all of our clients and what needs to be done from listing to closing. We are lucky to have someone who will also help us make decisions when we cannot come to agreement amongst ourselves.”

- David L., Hoboken, New Jersey

“Meighan found so many of our favorite things that we thought had been lost or stolen. My husband Jim was thrilled when she was able to find his favorite backpack just in time for our upcoming ski trip to Telluride. However, finding the camera with all the photos from our extended family trip to Alaska for my parents 50 th wedding anniversary was priceless. I had reported the camera stolen and thought it had been taken from my car when all along it was in a tote bag in the basement for the past 3 years. Additionally, the full day spa gift certificate from my wedding shower more than 10 years ago will come in handy and glad she convinced me to call the spa to ask them to honor it. I was too embarrassed to tell my friend I had lost it.”

- Jim and Maureen H., Glen Ridge, New Jersey

“Finn's room looks so organized! Thanks so much. Joe showed me the before and after and it is amazing … thanks again.”

- Aud and Joe M., Hoboken, New Jersey

“I consider myself to be very organized but there are certain areas of my home, like my storage, that I just do not want to have to deal with. Maximizing the space in my storage area allowed me to access things I needed more quickly. Things I use infrequently are no longer taking priority shelving space, but are labeled and kept where I can still find them when I need to.”

-Donna M., New York , New York

“Meighan saved my marriage! I was running out of space in my apartment for just me and the thought of having to share it with someone else was overwhelming. She helped merge two households into one. I never thought it was possible to fit all of Sean's cooking supplies, bathroom items, clothes and home office into my 2 bedroom apartment. You were ruthless and we appreciated it. Taking three carloads of stuff to charity felt great!”

- Kirsten and Sean H., San Francisco, California

"I cannot thank you enough for suggesting I put my photos and memorabilia into plastic bins on shelving units for better preservation. A few months later we had a flood in our basement and had they still been in cardboard boxes on the floor they would have been ruined. My yearbooks, childhood memories, wedding photos and other priceless treasures will hopefully be around to enjoy and access easily for many more years to come."

- Kathryn, Denver, CO


Contact Us Today to Schedule a Consultation
Call 303.321-2692, or email meighanm@aim.com, today to schedule your consultation, where we will discuss your organizational challenges and our process:

  • Customized Organizational Analysis 
    Provide one on one consultation to determine clients goals and challenges.  Assess space and design customized solutions to generate long-term organizational benefits that will meet changing needs and enable clients to find what they need when they need it.  A more efficient and productive home and office environment will give people the time needed to focus on the other things that are most important to them in life.

  • Clear the Space
    A clear space allows the ability to see organizational opportunities.  Clutter will be eliminated and unnecessary items will be donated or purged.  A solution oriented plan will be implemented to help clients maximize and enjoy their home or office space.

  • Installation of Organizational System
    Each project is tailor made to suit individual specifications.  The goal is space optimization. Comprehensive support is given to ensure that the system created is easy for the end user to understand and maintain.

  • Integrating the Organizational System
    Items will be sorted, reviewed, purged, categorized, labeled and moved into a new organizational system.  Additionally, practical organizational and time-management suggestions will be provided to assist and motivate clients to successfully maintain their new long-term organizational strategy.

  • Follow-up
    Clients will not be forgotten after the project is complete.  Everyone will be contacted in a timely fashion to ensure that the organizational system designed is meeting their needs.

Meighan Meeker, Owner
Simply Put Organizational Solutions
for the Home, LLC

Meighan’s professional and life experience includes a BS degree in Marketing from Lehigh University and a proven track record of success working at Fortune 500 companies such as The New York Times, Liz Claiborne, and London Fog. She has nearly ten years experience in home and office organization. 

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Closet organizer professional services for home or office. We cover the greater Denver area including: Cherry Creek, Boulder, Parker, Aspen, Aurora, Westminster,
Highlands Ranch, Littleton and most other Colorado Cities. Senior downsizing, closet organization, office organization, clutter drawers,
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