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Helpful Tips on How to Organize your Office
Do important bills and mail get lost? Are you overwhelmed by activities to keep track of as well as the amount of clutter on your countertops? Learn how to keep projects from spilling into other parts of your home, freeing up the dining table, kitchen and living room for their original purpose with the following helpful tips to organize your home office. [ Read More ]

Tips for a Successful Garage Sale
Uncluttered homes are more enjoyable and easier to clean. Additionally, most people use only 20% of their things 80% of the time, which means you could part with nearly 80% of the stuff taking up space in your house. Professional Organizer, Meighan Meeker, has compiled some tips to motivate you to get rid of items cluttering your home and make some money in the process. [ Read More ]

Tips to Help You Get Organized for the Holidays
Keep your holiday treasures stored safely in clear plastic bins that are labeled on shelving so that you can easily find what you are looking for. Buying end of the year bargains are great if you are able to remember and locate them 12 months later. Try not to buy any new decorations unless you are certain that you need them and have a place to display them without your home looking too cluttered. [ Read More ]

Helpful Tips to Get Organized for Back to School
By now your children's summer break is nearly over and it is time to get ready for back to school. Below are some simple tips to help you organize key areas of your household. [ Read More ]

Contact Us Today to Schedule a Consultation
Call 303.321.2692, or email meighanm@aim.com, today to schedule your consultation, where we will discuss your organizational challenges and our process:

  • Customized Organizational Analysis 
    Provide one on one consultation to determine clients goals and challenges.  Assess space and design customized solutions to generate long-term organizational benefits that will meet changing needs and enable clients to find what they need when they need it.  A more efficient and productive home and office environment will give people the time needed to focus on the other things that are most important to them in life.

  • Clear the Space
    A clear space allows the ability to see organizational opportunities.  Clutter will be eliminated and unnecessary items will be donated or purged.  A solution oriented plan will be implemented to help clients maximize and enjoy their home or office space.

  • Installation of Organizational System
    Each project is tailor made to suit individual specifications.  The goal is space optimization. Comprehensive support is given to ensure that the system created is easy for the end user to understand and maintain.

  • Integrating the Organizational System
    Items will be sorted, reviewed, purged, categorized, labeled and moved into a new organizational system.  Additionally, practical organizational and time-management suggestions will be provided to assist and motivate clients to successfully maintain their new long-term organizational strategy.

  • Follow-up
    Clients will not be forgotten after the project is complete.  Everyone will be contacted in a timely fashion to ensure that the organizational system designed is meeting their needs.

Meighan Meeker, Owner
Simply Put Organizational Solutions
for the Home, LLC

Meighan’s professional and life experience includes a BS degree in Marketing from Lehigh University and a proven track record of success working at Fortune 500 companies such as The New York Times, Liz Claiborne, and London Fog. She has nearly ten years experience in home and office organization. 

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Closet organizer professional services for home or office. We cover the greater Denver area including: Cherry Creek, Boulder, Parker, Aspen, Aurora, Westminster,
Highlands Ranch, Littleton and most other Colorado Cities. Senior downsizing, closet organization, office organization, clutter drawers,
space planning, corporate relocation/moving, home renovations, space planning, staging and sbusiness organizing are all part of our specialties.